Shaun’s career has orbited the idea that the most accurate measure of a community’s well-being is its posture toward those on the margins and working to remove barriers to community inclusion. Whether advocating for criminal justice reform, poverty reduction or a more inclusive society for people with physical disabilities, Shaun has led organizations committed to making life better for people.

Joining the team at Foothills Country Hospice reflects Shaun’s belief that the hospice movement has an essential and unique gift to offer the community: helping to navigate grief and loss. Shaun’s hunch is that much of the division, hostility, and anger we see around us today results from untended grief. The hospice movement provides language, tools, and support to help identify and walk well through the inevitability of grief.

Shaun is an avid sports fan, a delighted uncle, an aspiring photographer and, most importantly, a proud father to Luke.